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preop instruction


It is important for your safety that you follow these instructions on the morning of your surgery in preparation for anesthesia:
























1. Eating and Drinking: It is extremely important that you have an empty stomach on the day of treatment. Vomiting and subsequent aspiration of food during sedation may be life threatening.

Solids- no food (including dairy products) up to 6 hours before appointment.

Liquids- clear liquids (no pulp) such as water, apple juice are allowed up to 2 hours before appointment.

Medications – take as instructed with only a small sip of water. (see #3)

2. Adult Escort: A responsible adult escort, over 18 years of age, must accompany the patient to the office and remain there during the procedure, and stay with the patient throughout the remainder of the day.

3. Medications: If you take any prescribed medication, continue it on the day of the appointment unless otherwise advised (e.g. hold Insulin the morning of surgery). If it is an oral medication, take it with a small sip of water.

4. Contact Lenses: Remove your contact lenses before the appointment. This decreases risk of corneal injury during the procedure.

5. Clothing: A loose fitting, short sleeved shirt is appropriate for the appointment. Please do not wear any cosmetic makeup on the day of your surgery, including nail polish. This can affect the monitors we may use. Leave all jewelry, removable prosthesis, glasses, etc with the person who accompanies you.

6. Intravenous Site: We will most likely start intravenous access on your hand/arm, so make sure there’s free access to this area.  On occasion, inflammation of the vein in the area of the needle insertion will occur in the first 3-4 weeks following surgery. Pain and tenderness will usually be relieved by using warm, moist packs in the area. If the problem persists, you should immediately call the office.

7. No Smoking: Please refrain from smoking for 12 hours prior to surgery as this can give false oxygenation reading for the monitoring machine.

8. Oral Hygiene: Your mouth, tongue, and teeth should be well cleaned prior to surgery to help avoid infection. 

9. Illness: If you develop a cough, congestion, chest cold, nausea/vomiting, or fever, please call the office. In most cases, we will cancel the appointment and reschedule for a later time, as your safety is our priority.

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